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Lefebvre, however, declined to isolate the types of space.

Writing reveals its lability, the fragility of its spatiotemporal anchor: “I describe circles, detours, I digress as the good soldier Švejk on the road to Budějovice and, like him, I cannot follow along a straight, linear path to a story told properly. I keep drifting, my eyes are regularly arrested, and obsessive vision assails me, as this or that geographical sketch sticks to my retina . . ”25 For if writing is a creeping forward in time, it also spreads itself out on the space of the page. 26 The theories that spatialize writing, however, are not universal .

It is not my intention here to examine Haushofer’s geopolitical doctrine, which has, in any event, remained somewhat controversial. Note, though, that when he was interned in Germany during the Second World War and conceived the 24 O Geocriticism idea of geohistory, Fernand Braudel remembered an assertion of Haushofer’s— “Space is more important than time”—and the gloss given by Haushofer, from memory: “Can we say more? ”33 But does space attain its status because, unlike time, it is immutable?

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