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By George R. R. Martin

Duzentos anos após a Conquista, a dinastia Targaryen vive seu auge. Os Sete Reinos de Westeros atravessam um pace de relativa paz, nos últimos anos do reinado do Bom Rei Daeron.É neste cenário que Dunk, um menino pobre da Baixada das Pulgas, tem uma likelihood única: deixar a vida miserável em Porto actual para se tornar escudeiro de um cavaleiro andante. Quando adulto, o cavaleiro morre e Dunk make a decision tomar seu lugar e fazer fama no torneio de Campina de Vaufreixo.É quando conhece Egg, um menino de dez anos, cabeça totalmente raspada, que é muito mais do que aparenta ser. Dunk aceita Egg como seu escudeiro e, juntos, viajam por Westeros em busca de trabalho e aventuras. Uma grande amizade nasce entre eles – uma amizade pela vida toda, mesmo quando, anos mais tarde, os dois personagens assumem papéis centrais na estrutura de poder dos Sete Reinos.As aventuras de Dunk e Egg trazem para os fãs de As Crônicas de Gelo e Fogo a oportunidade única de vivenciar outro momento da história de Westeros, de conhecer e analisar fatos que teriam desdobramentos noventa anos depois, na guerra dos tronos.

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Tell her--and Joline--that if they fail to send regular reports from now on, they will wish they had never been born. " Her mouth twisted around that last. The name made Alviarin shift uneasily, too, and no wonder. Ronde Macura's nasty little infusion was something to make any sister uncomfortable. Forkroot was not lethal--at least you woke, if you drank enough to sleep--but a tea that deadened a woman's ability to channel seemed aimed too directly at Aes Sedai. A pity the information had not been received before Galina went; if forkroot worked on men as well as it seemed to on women, it would have made her task considerably easier.

Then who? The other Wise Ones? " "It was not women," Rhiale said, her voice faltering. "It was not--" Face pale, she swallowed. Sevanna turned slowly to stare at the dome, only then remembering to breathe again. Something had risen through the hole where the smoke gushed out. One of the wetlander banners. The smoke was not enough to obscure it completely. Crimson, with a disc half white and half black, the colors divided by a sinuous line, just like the piece of cloth the siswai'aman wore. Rand al'Thor's banner.

That bit of insolence could not be allowed to pass, of course, and had not been. Everyone knew that, too. It was meant to remind Alviarin that she was vulnerable, but the slim woman merely smiled her cool smile. So long as the Hall remained as it was, she was immune. She riffled through the papers in her hand, plucking one out.  " That smile deepened into something dangerously close to amusement. " Even Alviarin had enough sense not to speak the Sanche woman's name in her presence. It was true, though; every king and queen, even mere nobles, seemed to be testing the limits of her power.

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