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Cho (University of Canberra) explores either how the legislation impacts using geographic info and the way geographic info has formed the legislation and coverage in different nations. He identifies the criteria influencing public use and pricing guidelines, describes using trade criteria to proportion and commercialize geographic info, and descriptions a world framework for the improvement of entry regulations.

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Indeed the ability to graphically portray three-dimensional spaces as well as hyperspaces of several dimensions in magnitude demonstrates the greater utility of GI, but also the integrative aspects of the geographer’s craft encapsulated in the ‘geographic’, ‘information’, ‘system’ neologism GIS. Unfortunately geographic information is also a neutral arbiter in overseeing both positive applications as well as its negative uses that may threaten national, organisational, and personal security. A conclusion summarises the main issues canvassed in this chapter and provides the background and foundations for the substantive chapters of this book.

Land Remote Sensing Policy Act 1992. Location Privacy Protection Act of 2001. Louisana Constitution Art. I, § 5. Privacy Protection. Montana Constitution, Art. II, § 10. Privacy Protection. National Information Infrastructure Act of 1993. Paperwork Reduction Act 1995. C. § 552. C. § 2000. Privacy Protection for Rape Victims Act of 1978 (US). C. § 3401-22. Sony Bono Copyright Term Extension Act (CTEA) 1999. South Carolina Constitution, Art. 1, § 10. Privacy Protection. Suits in Admiralty Act 1948, 46 App.

There may be parts which some might consider naïve and inadequate and other areas that might need a total re-working. It is here that fellow academics, users of GI and the GI industry participants can provide invaluable input and feedback towards a better mastery of the law and policy on GI. This edition on GI Science focuses on techniques and tools to help master the legal issues. The text concentrates on detailed legal knowledge obtained from presenting classes and undertaking research in the area of GI and the law, and e-business and the law.

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