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By Janice Clark

A gothic, literary experience set in New England, Janice Clark's haunting debut chronicles 100 years of a as soon as filthy rich and now crumbling whaling family members, informed via its final surviving member.

Mercy Rathbone, fifteen years previous, is the diminutive scion of the Rathbone extended family. Her father, the final within the beleaguered dynasty, has been misplaced at sea for seven years - ever because the final whale was once obvious off the coast of Naiwayonk, Connecticut. Mercy's thoughts of her father develop dimmer on a daily basis, and she or he spends such a lot of her time within the attic hideaway of her reclusive uncle Mordecai, who teaches her the secrets and techniques of Greek heritage and nautical navigation via his selection of specimens and moldering books. but if an odd, violent customer turns up one evening, Mercy and Mordecai are compelled to escape the crumbling mansion and set sail on a trip that would convey them deep into the haunted heritage of the Rathbone kinfolk, and the explanations for its undoing.

As Mercy and Mordecai sail from island to island off the Connecticut coast, encountering hazards and mysteries, neighbors and foes, they untangle the knots of the Rathbone tale, gaining knowledge of secrets and techniques lengthy encased in reminiscence. They research the heritage of the family's founder and patriarch, Moses Rathbone, and the mythical empire he outfitted of ships staffed with the sons of his many, many better halves. Sons who stumbled of their father's shadow, distracted via the arriving of the Stark sisters, a trio of "golden" ladies, whose enthralling attractiveness could have sparked the Rathbone's decline.

From the depths of the ocean to the lonely heights of the widow's stroll; from the knowledge of the worn Rathbone better halves to the mysterious origins of a sinking island, Mercy and Mordecai's trip will convey them to locations they by no means idea attainable. yet will they piece jointly a potential destiny from the error of the prior, or is the as soon as nice family's destiny doomed to check that of the whales themselves?

Inspired by way of The Odyssey in terms of Edgar Allan Poe and Moby Dick, The Rathbones is an bold, mythic, and brave travel de strength that marks the debut of a blinding new literary voice.

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Tell her--and Joline--that if they fail to send regular reports from now on, they will wish they had never been born. " Her mouth twisted around that last. The name made Alviarin shift uneasily, too, and no wonder. Ronde Macura's nasty little infusion was something to make any sister uncomfortable. Forkroot was not lethal--at least you woke, if you drank enough to sleep--but a tea that deadened a woman's ability to channel seemed aimed too directly at Aes Sedai. A pity the information had not been received before Galina went; if forkroot worked on men as well as it seemed to on women, it would have made her task considerably easier.

Then who? The other Wise Ones? " "It was not women," Rhiale said, her voice faltering. "It was not--" Face pale, she swallowed. Sevanna turned slowly to stare at the dome, only then remembering to breathe again. Something had risen through the hole where the smoke gushed out. One of the wetlander banners. The smoke was not enough to obscure it completely. Crimson, with a disc half white and half black, the colors divided by a sinuous line, just like the piece of cloth the siswai'aman wore. Rand al'Thor's banner.

That bit of insolence could not be allowed to pass, of course, and had not been. Everyone knew that, too. It was meant to remind Alviarin that she was vulnerable, but the slim woman merely smiled her cool smile. So long as the Hall remained as it was, she was immune. She riffled through the papers in her hand, plucking one out.  " That smile deepened into something dangerously close to amusement. " Even Alviarin had enough sense not to speak the Sanche woman's name in her presence. It was true, though; every king and queen, even mere nobles, seemed to be testing the limits of her power.

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